I'm topher. ;) I am fond of observing things. All I know is, I always find myself lurking between alleys and streets of my bamboozled mind's pathways searching and finding ways how to make myself happy. Well, thank goodness! Even if my thoughts are always discombobulated, I don't get lost, and I would always find a way to entertain myself. HIHI That's me. Crazy! XD

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Christopher Dimatatac
Property Investment Consultant at Alveo Land Corp. - an Ayala Land Company

Mobile: (+63)916.460.7517

Arca South Access Plans

Know more about the Metro’s newest Central Business and Lifestyle District.

MAKATI, BGC and NOW the gateway of the south ARCA SOUTH

The most accessible of all Ayala Land Projects. Strategically-planned with Ayala Land, Inc’s sum of learning from all its other projects.

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